"If you are 18-24 years old, you must take an Adult Drivers Ed course to get a license."

Why wait any longer for the freedom of driving? Get started on your course today!





Welcome to Adult Drivers Ed Online, your online Adult Driving School!

If you need a license, (and these days who doesn’t?) Adult Drivers Ed Online is here to make things as fast and easy as we can. Why should you use our course as your adult driving school? Read on!

Adult Drivers Ed Online is More Convenient than A Classroom (and cheaper, too!)

Some classroom driving schools charge up to $300 and you have to be there when they say to be there. Expensive and inconvenient, two big strikes already! We don’t blame your neighborhood adult driving school, we just think we can offer you the same thing in a better way!

How Adult Drivers Ed Online does it better

Our adult driving school course is only $65.00! Since we have no instructors to pay and no classroom to maintain, we pass the savings on to you. Speaking of classrooms, we can also do what no other adult driving school can do – we let you choose where you want your classroom to be!  Anywhere you can get online becomes your classroom and you can attend whenever you want!

Still not convinced? How about this…

Traditional adult driving school courses require textbooks and long lectures. You didn’t like these in school and I bet you’re not much more fond of them now! The course offered by Adult Drivers Ed Online doesn’t “preach to teach”. Instead, audio and flash animations keep you interested and involved, helping you learn faster and remember more. All you have to do is watch, listen, and learn!


  • No books or lectures
  • The more you enjoy, the more you learn
  • Get ready for your written exam from the comfort of your own home
  • Take your course when you decide, in the “classroom” of your choice!
  • Why wait? The faster you get started, the faster you are on the road!